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«Puna Vanlife» at Auto-2023, Riga, Latvia.

Auto 2023 Exhibition

    «Puna Vanlife» took part in the Auto-2023 exhibition, held in Riga from 28 to 30 April 2023. We presented demo campervan MAN Family 600-6/3+1 and VW transporter T6.1 van.

    Campervan MAN Family 600 is completely ready for work and re-registered from a cargo van to a passenger car for 6 seats, carrying capacity of up to 3.500 kg.

    Using the VW T6 van as an example, we showed what a city campervan could look like in a more compact size. The project is currently under development. Expected readiness – August 2023.

    The stand became a place of “pilgrimage” for children who came to the exhibition with their parents. And for bloggers. The children especially liked the cabbunk2 hammock – each child considered it his duty to lie down in it. This hammock is a very convenient accessory, as it allows you to organise one or two sleeping places in a matter of minutes. And yet compact.


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