Daily сampervan.
Take your home with you.

On the road, like at home.
On every trip.

«Puna Vanlife» Ltd

   Puna Vanlife Ltd is a Latvian company that creates campervans – mobile homes for everyday use. Our office is located in Jurmala, Latvia, with production sites in Latvia and Lithuania. Previously, we used to do architectural planning and design of houses and flats, building renovations, and finishing work. One of the company’s founders is a licensed Latvian architect.

   The company members have a wealth of experience with campervans and have been contemplating this project for a long time. The events of 2020 prompted the opening of a new line of business. At the end of 2022, a demo was completed, and in 2023 we entered the market with the hope of carving out our place. The main idea in developing the configurations was the concept of daily use of the campervan.

   A campervans should work for the owner every day, rather than being parked and waiting for the weekend or a holiday.


«Puna Vanlife» Ltd



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